08:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

We are 4 & 5.
We learn and practise
how to read and write
and love our
imaginary plays.
I am three.
I get dressed
by myself,
and lunch time with
a fork and spoon
is easy.
I am five.
I can write about
my favorite things
and learn about
big things like
or history.
I am 3.
I love learning how
to do everything
by myself.
I am two.
I am learning that it is
fun to play
with others.
I am one.
I am learning that the
world outside
of my home
is not scary.
I am one.
I am taking my
first steps in life.
I am learning to be with
other children.
Am two.
I am learning
that toys are to
be shared.
I am three.
I can do lots of
I can be a fireman or
a princess.
I am 2.
I am learning to
get dressed by myself
I am beginning to
use fork and spoon.
I am 3.
I am learning about
my emotions and
how to express them.
I am 2.
I am finding out
that sharing toys and
using my words is fun.
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